Beauty & Healthy Support
When working, playing, staying at home, I want a comfortable item that I can always relax.
For me, 【URUNA】 gives us more than comfortable. Morning, day and night, wrap me gently. Let's spend comfortable 24 hours with 【URUNA】.
Comfortable Living Support
Sticks to natural materials, to give someone a better quality of life 【Brand Concept】We will develop items divided into 4 scenes.
  • When you want to walk comfortably in the city
  • when you want to actively enjoy it
  • when you want to wear yourself with warming body and mind warming up
  • when I want to spend luxurious time before going to bed
Comfortable Living Support
24 hours support for Male
Fashion Co-ordination Support
【N-PLATZ】 proposed highly sensitive legwear items every season.
Fashion Co-ordination Support
Built according to the trend of the times, fusion of fashion and functionality, brand of casual socks, 【N-PLATZ】 has various of short socks using Naigai's proprietary patent manufacturing method are under development.
Energetic support
Leg wear brand, which thoroughly scientificized foot and walking, we named it 【BODY CLOTHING】. We have items such as functional socks born through collaborative research with the University of Tsukuba such as sports and daily use suitable for light footwork.
Special Socks
A warm pair as a glee of Japanese manufacturing. This specific item that became to be called "HAMAGURI" because the shape of embroidery is a triangle. Embroidery is carefully sewing on each pair of socks by handcraft
Special Socks
It keeps comfortable inside the shoes, and it has anti-slip function, is a breakthrough of footcover that we named 【OPEN SOLE】
Patent design 3700147
Special Socks
For gentlemen, the ultimate men's socks, 【F & H】 born from the concept of cherishing a comfortable fit and leg health. 【F】 is Fit, 【H】 is Healthy.
Special Socks
Proud of gentleman socks, 【SUPERIOR】 original
It is a high-class gentleman sock brought from the desire to combine technology and experience in sock making and aim for the peak.
Special Socks
【N.Luxe】 a brand of fashion / dress socks carefully selected for the features and materials stuffed with the commitment of making socks in Japan 【 custom fit 】function where the heel fits the foot when wearing socks , applied for all items.